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Sensi Collezione Pinot Noir


The Sensi Family first began business in 1895 with Pietro Sensi. Pietro’s sons, Vittorio and Armido, continued their father’s business and founded Fratelli Sensi. With the third generation, Pietro and Giovanni, greater focus was placed on the wine making business and the Fratelli Sensi wines became famous throughout Tuscany. With the fourth generation, Massimo, Marco and Roberta, who joined the company in 1987, the Sensi name became successful in international markets further to developing their wine-making, farming and technology. They now own 65 hectares of vineyards in Tuscany. “Collezione” is a precious assortment of wines where each variety expresses the joy of drinking good wine through its persuasive taste, elegant presence and soft fruity character.

Ruby red in colour with a nose of fruit and rose petals and a full-flavoured palate with abundant spice notes and lengthy finish.

Enjoy with roast meats and sirloin steak.

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